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Using leaves and grass clippings, Long Island Compost makes the finest compost and other soil products available anywhere. Our products are second to none. Our professional potting mix and potting soils are superior growing mediums for all your indoor and outdoor containers, and our mulch is double-shredded, fully composted, and finely screened to create a beautiful garden dressing.

At Long Island Compost, we offer three product lines - Hamptons Estate, the Long Island Compost line, and Great Gardens. Regardless of which product you choose, you can rest assured that it is the purest organic product available for your garden. Why? Because we use no chemicals whatsoever in our process! Just as important, we never sell any product we would not use in our own gardens at home. For more information on any of the following product lines, call us at 516-334-6600.

Hamptons Estate… found at independent garden centers throughout the region.

Hamptons Estate Professional Potting Mix
Hamptons Estate Lawn Soil
Hamptons Estate Garden Soil
Hamptons Estate Compost
Hamptons Estate Premium Compost
Hamptons Estate Premium Composted Manure
Hamptons Estate Premium Topsoil
Hamptons Estate Mulch
Hamptons Estate Brick Red Mulch
Hamptons Estate Antique Black Mulch

Long Island Compost Line… found at independent garden centers throughout the region.

Composted Manure
Potting Soil
All Purpose Play Sand
Growers Mix

Great Gardens Line… found at your nearest Home Depot.

Composted Manure
Potting Soil
Ultra Lite Topsoil
Tree and Shrub Soil
Professional Potting Mix
Garden Soil
Lawn Soil
Hamptons Mulch
Hamptons Mulch Color Enhanced Red
Hamptons Mulch Color Enhanced Black